Through the years, paulanowevent has brought thousands of up-and-coming performers to new audiences in New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Seattle. And, as cultural educator I’ve bent audiences minds and perceptions with diverse pairings like Pulitzer-Prize-winning jazz legend Ornette Colman with modern primitive Fakir Musafar; Mother Love Bone (precursor to Pearl Jam) with boylesque sensation John Sex; and burlesque legend Tempest Storm with El Vez.
My signature style as a curator balances the sophisticated with the sensational, while pushing audience members comfort zones just enough to leave them sated, but wanting and ready to experience more. It is my great joy to pair world-renowned artists with new talent, creating an international stage that in turn feeds a burgeoning, rich — and ultimately very exciting — local performing arts scene.




“Paula never fails to bring top-notch talent to the Triple Door. Her reach into the netherworld of underground yet well-known-in their-worlds artists never ceases to amaze us. Each of her shows sheds light on acts that vary greatly in what they do, presentation and excitement. The one main thing that does not vary is the draw, as her shows sell well if not out!”
Scott Giampino | Talent Buyer | The Triple Door | Seattle, WA


“A superhero among producers. In the 8 years she’s been involved with the Burlesque Hall of Fame, Paula has consistently raised the bar with each show, drawing ever-increasing crowds (and funds) at each event; all while maintaining the same impeccable quality, clockwork timing and unique sense of intimacy her Seattle productions are known for. Motivated, fiercely creative and unbelievably gracious under pressure, Paula is the woman you’d want beside you in a foxhole–so needless to say, having her as a part of our production team has been an honor and a privilege.”
Laura Herbert | Executive Producer | The Burlesque Hall of Fame | Las Vegas, NV


“Paula has been instrumental in helping Golden Echo Films deliver our first theatrical release film “A Wink and A Smile” and our forthcoming film “Kings“. Her artistic depth, stage production expertise and ability to drive a project to completion (on budget! on schedule!) are essential to our business. She is the best in Seattle and we’ll continue to use her for all our projects.”
Jack Timmons | Executive Producer | Golden Echo Films | Seattle , WA



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Golden Echo Films

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