For the more intimate event,  paulanowevent creates vibrant experience that feeds all the senses, while drawing from the client’s aesthetic, creating memories that will last well beyond the encores.




“I hired Paula to produce a birthday celebration for me. I wanted an event that blurred the line between performance and party, that was laugh-out-loud fun and perhaps a little outrageous, and most of all a surprise: I wanted a surprise party. When I showed up for the party, I had no idea what was going to happen.  I was completely unprepared. It was such a wonderful, lavish experience, I cried tears of joy and laughter many times that night.”

“Paula was professional, organized, prompt, creative and took care of everything. I trusted her completely and I was more than happy with the results. The experience was priceless and enduring.”

To this day , my friends talk about that birthday celebration. Each time one tells me how much they enjoyed it, I re-experience the joy, love and connection I felt that night. I don’t often like to be the the center of attention, but that night I was and I treasured it in ways I had never before. It was an experience I could not have had without Paula’s help.

Paul Philion | Birthday Celebrant | Seattle, WA




Wong Doody
Kundig Olson
Paul Philion





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