paulanowevent has created and produced  for large show rooms, performance halls, private clubs, restaurants and alleyways creating unique, inspired experiences tailored to the clients needs and desires. Often providing that little extra something they don’t even realize they were missing. Using 25 plus years experience as a show producer and party hostess, paulanowevent  has orchestrated the most intimate dinner parties to the most outlandish public fete. With  global access to exceptional performers, musicians, chefs and artists your project is only limited by your budget. paulanowevent  has a limitless imagination and can stretch a budget to its fullest.


The signature style of paulanowevent as a curator balances the sophisticated with the sensational, while pushing audiences members comfort zones just enough to leave them sated, but wanting more. It is the great joy of paulanowevent  to pare world-renowned talent with new talent, creating an international stage that in turn feeds a burgeoning, rich — and ultimately very exciting — local performing arts scene.

For the more intimate event, paulanowevent enjoys creating a vibrant experience the feeds all the senses, while drawing from the clients esthetic, creating memories that will last.


Dubbed the “The Gertrude Stein of Cabaret “ ~  HUFFINGTON POST , billed as a “producer extraordinaire” and short-listed for The Stranger’s “Genius Award,” I’ve mounted award-winning, sold-out shows starring some of the underground’s most celebrated performers for almost three decades and look forward to all the astonishing opportunities that lie ahead!
I cut my teeth in the early 1980s in the East Village arts scene, performing with such luminaries as Joey Arias, Ann Magnuson and John Sex. This early part of my career trained my eye to recognize and facilitate wildly promising talent — long before anyone else.

paulanowevent is available for creating a public, private, production or pop-up event for you.  Please e-mail to start a discussion for your next intimate or large scale event.



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